My opinion on Low-/No-code solutions

My opinion on Low-/No-code solutions

Advent Calendar #14

No/Low Code solutions offer the benefit of not having to code anything. Just start building something by plugging in multiple pre-existing building blocks.

But is it always a great idea to utilize such products?

I don't think so, but...

But that does not mean, that it isn't great for some cases. For example, building websites nowadays is done quickly by using WordPress with Elementor which eliminates the need for a technician whenever a new change is wanted.

It can become quite expensive compared to the outcome when you just want to release a new article and your website is running on static .html files.

I would choose no/low code for:

  • Websites

  • Connecting workflows, with eg. If this then that (IFTTT) or Zapier

  • building (pre/)alpha versions of a software product

I would not choose it for

  • more complex web applications

  • when a lot of customization required

What do you think?

This was just my opinion. What do you think? Share it in the comments.